Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Airstrikes Up

Good article on the rise in US airstrikes in Iraq. In in the first quarter of 2007 we dropped as much as we did in all of 2006. Sounds like we are preparing to get out.

Let me add one thing. If we're going to increase sorties during a civil war context we need to do two things. Pick a side and brutally suppress the rebels. We aren't doing either. I'm guessing but it sounds like preparations to leave. More on this later.


Freidrich said...

The coalition has picked a side, the losing one. The west wants to isolate a manufactured enemy and avoid enemy within.

Addendum to your advice: you must first know who the parties to the civil war are.

Then may move on to that which you talk about.

Papa Ray said...

We have no side anywhere in the world, we have managed to piss them all off and even with our massive handouts of money, both to those who hate us openly and those that only hate us (and work against us with money and training terrorists) in secret.

Everybody is worried about Iraq. It's an semi-serious sideshow that really doesn't count that much in the near future, and if handled right, ever, except for it's use for future military efforts.

Oh, ok, maybe we will get a good deal on their oil...sorry almost forgot that.

Iraq will wind up being occupied by our ground forces (and a token force of our air forces, in the Marines, Army and of course our neglected Air Force) all operating out of our multiple Mega Bases that will have all the conforts of home and of course be tax free and better than stateside duty.

(and did you know that there is rampant sexual intercourse going on right now at our bases in Iraq)

oh, my...

Jeez, I think I set a record for the longest, rambling sentence.

See Germany, Japan, etc.

What they will do in Iraq of course is still up in the air. But great training of course, with live, real honest to goodness bullets, bombs and RPGs will add flavor and realism.

Missions along the Iranian, Syrian and Jordon borders will be instructive and great training for both our ground forces and air forces.

Iraq is an excellent training ground for our SOF, which hopefully over the next few years will double, but don't count on it, unless they lower their standards drasticly and get much, much more money.

Covert missions killing or capturing, bribing, "convincing" aQ, local tribal leaders, errant wantabe terrorists from almost everywhere and Iranian agents will keep our SOF not only busy but in top operational readiness.

This SO warfare will be training up hundreds, if not thousands of future "contractors for hire".

Private American (and some [e]uropean contractors will supply increasingly necessary security and thousands of other contractors will make billions trying to re-build Iraq almost as fast as it is destroyed.

It's a good deal for everyone.

Papa Ray
West Texas

ODIN said...

freidrich - i dont think the coalition has picked a side. and i dont understand "enemy within". we do know who the parties are. they are the same parties that have been fighting in that country for the past 50 yrs. we arent picking a side cause the coalition is divided on iran and syria.

ODIN said...

papa ray - dont know how to comment. you sound upset and resigned. i dont think the "training" aspect is as positive as you make it out. that knife cuts both ways. if its a training ground for us, imagine what it will be for them!

Papa Ray said...

Well, your right, when I wrote that I was a little pissed, dejected and generally fed up.

But look at the bright side, while everyone gets good training, even those pesky "insurgents", the DOD/Contractors get to make billions, which in it's strange ways gets pumped back into the American economy.

I think in both the short and long run we can kill our enemies a little faster than they can birth them and train them.

That is certainly going to be true when we get pissed off after the next attack on the U.S. mainland.

Till then, your right, its a part time war, noticed only by the liberals and those who have kin or friends in the Military.

Papa Ray
P.S. I know who the enemy within is in the U.S. of A, and I think that the enemy within in the Middle East is not a country or state. It is Islam.

Islam (in it's varied forms) drives everything that the Muslims do.

dw said...

Was it Churchill that said that Britain had no permeneat enemies, (or friends) only permenant interests?

For me enemy within means that coalition of all things Unamerican.

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